Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cats Will Be Cats

Our younger cat, Casper, loves to go outside.  He often disappears for hours in the evenings.  One of his favorite things to do outside is hunt.  Not only does he enjoy hunting but he enjoys bringing home his conquests.  He's brought home many mice and a couple of birds in the past.  Today, however, I woke up to find not one but two mice on the living room floor.  My husband and I are animal lovers and as much as we love our little boy, we hate it when he brings his conquests home.  The worst part is that a lot of times they are still alive but badly injured and the only humane thing for us to do is to kill the poor creature to end its suffering.  Unless my husband isn't home, it's always his job as I get too emotional doing it.  We know that hunting is part of a cat's nature but it's so hard for us to see another animal injured or killed.

Do you have any pets?  Do they do anything that really bothers you or grosses you out?